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We provide personal support for everyone from freelancers to small businesses with up to 10 employees. You get on-site or remote support when travelling.

What we do for you

We are the in-house IT department for our clients.
We help with everything from PCs to iPhones, spyware to servers. We take care of all your computer (Mac & PC) needs big or small.

Work Guarantee

You only pay for problems that get fixed.

Reasonable Rates

We charge fairly for each job and the rates are very competitive with other IT professionals and places like Geeksquad or Staples.

Personal Support

We help make computer recommendations, buy computers, install & setup printers, networks, and software. Some people require specialized software recommendations like Billings (time billing & invoice management for freelancers and small offices).

Some of our clients need short 1 hour tutorials on Microsoft Excel, Word or other software and we will provide custom service to them all.

Small Businesses

We manage their network, email and troubleshoot problems as and when they occur. When employees travel we provide support remotely either by phone or by securely logging in to their laptops.

We have helped move whole email systems to Google Apps and repair broken PC's and laptops

Ongoing & Past Projects

Retail Store

Lightspeed: Installed and setup a retail Point Of Sale (POS) system. Lightspeed allows multiple POS's in-store, a server to manage inventory and offsite access for the manager to check sales and integration with Quickbooks to manage the accounting. I provided training for the employees to manage the POS, process credit cards, reverse transactions and manage loyal customers.

I continue to provide ongoing support for upgrades, changes and troubleshooting.


Billings: Time management and billing for work done is one of the primary activities that allows Freelancers to make money. I have installed and configured Billings along with customization of invoices, statements to reflect the individual business.

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