Securing your Android Phone

My friend, John Lohse, recently asked how he could ensure that his android phone was as secure as possible. Here are the steps I would recommend to anyone looking to do that for any of their devices. Some of these would apply to any computer, smartphone etc.
  1. Update to the latest OS Software: Updates to the OS (operating system) usually fix security problems, feature updates and performance fixes. Google provides updates to androids and those security updates may eventually filter down through the vendor (Samsung, LG, Alcatel, Motorola etc), to you. If there is an update, do it.
  2. Delete Unused Software: Remove all software that you don’t use. I think it helps reduce the number of ways problems can occur on your phone. Gives less chance to malicious people from finding a way onto your phone. This would apply to your computer, smart TV and other devices like Roku, Apple TV etc.
  3. Update to Latest Version of your App: All your apps gets updates and they can be updated from the Google Play Store. Update them to the latest version to get all the security, feature and performance updates.
  4. Use an Anti-Virus/Malware: I would recommend scanning your phone with one of the following security apps. Lookout ( and Checkpoint Protect app  (
Hopefully this will help improve the security of your android phone. Most of these suggestions will also apply to your iPhone, PC, Mac, Smart TV, Router etc.